Training and Workshops

Session Title Topics Slides
1 Data Collection structured vs unstructured datasets csv files tidy dataset data dictionary pdf web scraping google sheets HTML PDF
2 Web scraping & Data Standards data standards akoma ntoso data exploration spreadsheets HTML PDF
3 Data Exploration data processing tools data exploration pivot database sqlite HTML PDF
4 Working with databases database sql keys sqlite database tools HTML PDF
5 Working with databases sql queries handling dates joins HTML PDF
6 Working with databases subquries case when regular expressions window functions HTML PDF
7 Data Analysis - Use Cases analysing legal data 100 questions project data analysis use cases bias HTML PDF
8 Data Analysis - Analysis Deep Dive data analysis methodologies reading research data analysis deep dive uwazi HTML PDF
9 Data Analysis - GIS Analysis maps spatial data sources case studies gis data formats tools policies HTML PDF
10 Data Visualisation data viz quadrant stories audience medium accessibility selecting charts collaboration HTML PDF
11 Data Visualisation - Tools and Resources storytelling tools interactivity maps tables resources HTML PDF
12 Qualitative Data Analysis & Publishing Open Data content analysis coding grounded theory tools open data license HTML PDF
13 Exploring Datasets - Session at NLU Odisha datasets google sheets excel wikipedia HTML PDF
14 Explore datasets using SQL - A two day workshop at SNEHA, Mumbai database postgreSQL pgAdmin psql HTML PDF

Visit our website to know more about the workshops. If you’re interested in organising a in-person/online sessions around these topics, write to us at info[at]civicdatalab.in.

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